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Jan10th 2023

3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help With Stress-Related Headaches

Did you know that headaches rank third among the most prevalent types of pain? That is correct. Headaches are very frequent and can be extremely debilitating, affecting a person’s quality of life. Dealing with headaches on a daily basis can be incredibly difficult and it can leave a person fatigued. Fortunately, through physical therapy, long

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Dec20th 2022

Eliminate Pain With A Healthy Diet

You Know The Saying…We Are What We Eat! If you’re already visiting a physical therapist for internal inflammation, you’re aware that this is a condition that can have a significant impact on your general health. Physical therapy can assist whether you have a particular diagnosis for your inflammation (such as osteoarthritis) or you’re not sure

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Oct10th 2022

Get Rid of Pain Meds With Physical Therapy

Every time you turn on the news, there appears to be another article about the country’s opioid crisis. There’s reason to be concerned. Every day in 2016, 116 individuals died from opioid-related drug overdoses. Prescription painkillers were misused in some form by 11.5 million Americans, costing the economy an estimated $504 million. According to some

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