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what is the graston technique Dec19th 2023

What Is the Graston Technique? The Science and What to Expect

Chronic pain and stiffness is a common plight that many New Yorkers know all too well. Whether it’s the relentless ache in your back from long hours at the desk, the nagging pain in your wrist from repetitive motion, or the stiffness in your shoulders from the stresses of city living, these discomforts can feel

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posture training Aug23rd 2023

Postural Training for Older Adults: How to Improve Balance and Reduce the Risk of Falls

Have you heard that around half of all Americans are worried about their bad posture affecting their health? As people journey through the stages of life, the importance of maintaining good posture becomes even more paramount. This holds especially true for older adults. They often encounter challenges related to balance and posture. These challenges can

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May10th 2023

5 Signs You Need to Schedule a Physical Therapy Appointment

Did you know that the demand for physical therapy has been on the rise for the past few years? More and more people are realizing how this type of treatment can help them live life to the fullest. Whether or not you can benefit from physical therapy depends on what kind of struggles you’re dealing with. Are

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