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upper back pain when coughing Apr8th 2024

What Should You Do if You Experience Upper Back Pain When Coughing?

If you have upper back pain when coughing, there are a couple things to try. We at New York City Wellness are here to help.

what is the graston technique Dec19th 2023

What Is the Graston Technique? The Science and What to Expect

Chronic pain and stiffness is a common plight that many New Yorkers know all too well. Whether it’s the relentless ache in your back from long hours at the desk, the nagging pain in your wrist from repetitive motion, or the stiffness in your shoulders from the stresses of city living, these discomforts can feel

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lower back pain after walking Nov20th 2023

Why Am I Always Experiencing Lower Back Pain After Walking?

There are a couple reasons why you may have lower back pain after walking. Learn more about these causes here along with what to do.